Association of South Asian Progressives (ASAP)

The Association of South Asian Progressives (ASAP) is another shadowy outfit with no website, no Facebook group, nor any other publicly available information. However, ASAP’s name is used in a few places, mostly in radical leftist initiatives and in conjunction with FOIL, YSS, INSAF, SAMAR, Desi Rising Up and Moving (DRUM), etc.

In June 2002, ASAP participated in a “Stop the War” campaign with other radical leftist organizations.[1] The Contact Information listed in the link is that of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, associated with FOIL co-founder Biju Mathew.[2] This campaign was conducted the year after the horrific September 2001 attacks in New York. FOIL, ASAP and others desperately lumped Gujarat along with Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq in its appeal of “WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER,” to bring international attention to the Gujarat riots. It was clearly an attempt to muddy the waters by some sort of claim that a “war” was being waged in Gujarat against Muslims by “Hindu extremists” and the “imperialist Indian government”.

Beyond this, no other information on ASAP is available on the Internet. Thus, this group is another non-existent organization used by the CAG and FOIL to add another name to their rosters. Beyond the above information and signature on campaigns run by the CAG, FOIL and their affiliates, ASAP does not have any independent existence.


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