The Hindu Organizations within CAG

One of the most vexing issues that many within the US Hindu community have been grappling with is that they do not know how or why any Hindu organization would support those that demonstrate a visceral hatred toward Hinduism and India or those who hold prejudiced views on both. No major Hindu organization – be it Art of Living, Chinmaya Mission, Ramakrishna Mission, All World Gayatri Pariwar, Arya Samaj, Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, ISKCON, BAPS, Swadhyay Parivar or any temple or Indian cultural organization – supports such coalitions and their crusades against Hindus. Therefore, it is important to ask – Why? Are all these organizations “Hindu extremists” and therefore endorse repression of minorities and the disadvantaged in the society? Or, does the CAG consider these organizations as “Brahminic oppressors” and therefore not fit to join their coalition?

Yet, one finds some Hindu-sounding organizations within CAG. CAG uses these names to proudly bolster its claims that it is a broadbased coalition containing several Hindu organizations.

A review of the list of organizations on CAG’s website reveals only three Hindu-sounding organizations – Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment, Dharma Megha and the Vedanta Society of East Lansing. These three organizations provide standing support on every initiative and campaign run by CAG and its constituent members. Thus, CAG’s claim of “several Hindu organizations” is false in more ways than one.

This page provides evidence to unmask the true identities of these three organizations and exposes the blatant falsities of CAG. The evidence demonstrates that all the Hindu-sounding organizations are either fake or run by the same three to five individuals since the 1970s, ‘80s and early ‘90s. None of these organizations have any real membership, events, websites, or significant recognition in the Hindu community.  These organizations are part of a family of organizations that shows up in support of many campaigns that harp on “Hindu savagery” and the “repressions” of the Indian government.

Furthermore, it also demonstrates that while the individuals running these organizations describe Hinduism in the same manner as most Hindus do and in the same manner that CAG’s nemesis the “Sangh Parivar” does, such individuals are knowingly or unknowingly joining hands with people who consider their definition to be a “fascist Brahmanical Conspiracy” of sort.  These individuals are therefore doing an extreme disservice to their faith and culture.

Section 11.03 provides a graphical illustration of the interconnections of all the Hindu sounding organizations used in CAG’s campaigns.

Section 11.01     Vaishnava Center For Enlightenment

The Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment was founded in 1990 by Shrikumar Poddar, K.S. Sripada Raju and Teddy Simmons, Jr., according to the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Michigan.[1] The picture below shows these three individuals incorporating the organization.

Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment - 1990 Incorporation

Poddar has served its President/Chairman (he uses different titles in different years of filing) since 1990.[2]  Shrikumar Poddar’s wife, Mayurika Poddar, served as the Vice President of Vaishnava Center in 2000, as seen from the picture below.[3]

Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment - Mayurika Poddar as Vice President in 2000

As shown in the image below, in 2004 Mayurika Poddar switched from being Vice President to Treasurer, while Sripada Raju became the Secretary and Teddy Simmons assumed the position of Vice President.[4] Vaishnava Center added two other Directors, though the two individuals only appear in the 2004 filing and never after.

Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment - 2004 Officers

In addition to the above information, the organization has no website or any prominent external presence or existence beyond signing its name on petitions and coalitions.

Thus, it is clear that the Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment is nothing more than a paper tiger that is essentially run by a handful of people. Evidently, this is the case with each organization discussed on this page.

(a)    One Organization – Multiple Assumed Names

It is also important to note in the second picture above that Vaishnava Center also does business as the International Service Society. In fact, according to Michigan State’s website, the Vaishnava Center also does business under the following names:[5]

  • INTERNATIONAL SERVICE SOCIETY, A HUMANITARIAN SERVICE OF VAISHNAVA CENTER FOR ENLIGHTENMENT – this name was created on November 4, 2005, and expires on December 31, 2015.
  • INTERNATIONAL SERVICE SOCIETY, A HUMANISTIC SERVICE OF VAISHRAVA CENTER FOR ENLIGHTENMENT – this name was created on April 17, 2000, and expired on December 31, 2005.
  • VIVEKANANDA CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE – this name was created on October 30, 1992, and expired on December 31, 1997.

However, International Service Society was first incorporated in the state of Iowa in 1974,[6] and then moved on to the state of Michigan in 1982.[7]  Before that, the organization was called International Students Foundation, Inc.,[8] incorporated in Iowa in 1974 by Shrikumar Poddar and a few others.

While an organization/corporation can do business with multiple assumed names, International Service Society shows up as a separate signatory on many of CAG’s campaigns in an attempt to falsely inflate the number of organizations signing a particular campaign or petition. For example, on July 1, 2008, CAG wrote to then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, firmly appealing Ms. Rice to continue denying visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The International Service Society is listed as signatory no: 16 while Vaishnava Center is listed as signatory no: 9.[9] This behavioral pattern is repeated as seen further below.

(b)   Hoodwinking Regulators, Media and People

Below are examples of how these individuals use two names of the same organization to deceive the regulators, media and the general public around the world, and create the false impression that legitimate Hindu groups have signed CAG’s petitions and campaigns.

  1. In the CAG letter of 2008 discussed above, apart from International Service Society and the Vaishnava Center, Dharma Megha, Inc. and Vedanta Society of East Lansing (discussed in Sections 11.02 and 11.03), also belonging to the Poddars and Sripada Raju, appear as signatories no: 6 and no: 25 respectively. Here, the CAG created the impression that four independent Hindu organizations have signed the petition urging the US government to deny Mr. Modi the visa.
  2. On September 19, 2000, Ram Puniyani of EKTA (a different organization in India) and Citizens Campaign for Harmony and Justice, sent an email asking support for a rally to be held on October 2, 2000, to highlight the “communal violence in Gujarat that shook the secular foundations of India.”[10] The email asked organizations from around the world to lend their support by endorsing the Press Release in yet another attempt to show broad international support for the rally. The release, which was prepared two weeks before the rally, was meant to show that various international organizations participated in and supported the rally. On September 20, 2000, Poddar posted an email pledging support from five Hindu or Indian organizations – India Foundation, Inc. of Lansing, Michigan; International Service Society of East Lansing, Michigan; Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment Inc. Okemos, Michigan; Bharatiya Educational Foundation, East Lansing, Michigan; Seva International Inc. Lansing, Michigan.[11]

In addition, he posted five individuals endorsing the rally: “KS Sripada Raju, Shrikumar Poddar, Mayurika Poddar, Amin Tejani and Ashish Goyal.”[12] Sripada Raju and Mr. Poddar together incorporated the Bharatiya Educational Foundation in 1996[13] and dissolved it in 2003[14] and Raju was the Vice Chairperson while Poddar the President. Similarly, Poddar is the President of India Foundation as of 2013.[15] In fact, he incorporated this organization as Indian Student Association, Inc. in 1970[16] but also started calling it India Foundation from 1972.[17]

More disturbingly, Shrikumar Poddar was the President of India Foundation in 2008, while his wife Mayurika was the Treasurer, Teddy Simmons was a Director and Poddars’ son Devesh was a Director![18] In 2004, Shrikumar Poddar was also the President and Treasurer while Mayurika Poddar was the Vice-President.[19] Hence, Shrikumar Poddar has been the President of this organization since 1970. Similarly, Shrikumar was the registered agent and Treasurer (President in the past) of Seva International Inc., which was also a for-profit corporation named as SM Poddar Investment Co. It was incorporated in 1990 by Shrikumar and Mayurika Poddar.[20] Seva International had 60,000 shares and the company’s purpose was to make profit by selling books and magazines and exporting products and services.[21]

Thus, it is clear that the four Hindu/Indian-sounding organizations listed in support of the rally are in fact paper organizations created/run by the Poddars and KS Sripada Raju, since around the 1970s.

  1. Friends of South Asia (FOSA), discussed here, hosted a petition to two key Indian organizations protesting their invitations to Mr. Narendra Modi.[22] This protest letter/petition contains the names of many individuals and organizations in the CAG. India Foundation shows up as  no: 14, Vaishnava Center as no: 36 and Vedanta Society of East Lansing as 37, thus creating a fake Hindu endorsement of this petition.
  2. On October 6, 2011, a website dedicated to rescuing Binayak Sen, a doctor convicted in 2004 of links to Maoists in India, posted a joint statement by various organizations and individuals condemning his detention and abuse.  This family of organizations appears again: Dharma Megha, East Lansing, Michigan; Vedanta Society of East Lansing, Michigan; Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment Inc.; International Service Society; India Foundation, Inc.[23]
  3. On August 24, 2004, Shrikumar Poddar sent an email to then IAMC President Shaik Ubaid, answering his call to confirm endorsement of a resolution by IAMC during its second Annual Conference to pressure the government of India “…to include a vigorous dialogue and debate on issues of peace, communal harmony and the justice system…”[24] in the 2005 Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. Poddar immediately told Ubaid to sign up the following individuals and organizations as signatories to the resolution:

Shrikumar Poddar, Acharya Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment, Michigan; Mayurika Poddar, India Foundation, Lansing, Michigan; Dr. K. S. Sripada Raju Acharya,  Dharma Megha, East Lansing, Michigan; Devesh Darshan Poddar, Director Washington Watch, Michigan and Seva International, Okemos,Michigan; India Development Society, East Lansing, Michigan; International Service Society, Lansing, Michigan.[25]

Thus, seven paper-based Hindu/Indian organizations were included in the resolution. There is no record of India Development Society anywhere except for petitions and appeals similar to the ones we have already discussed. Interestingly, Poddar and Raju declare themselves as Acharyas (spiritual teachers) of these on-paper organizations.

India Development Society is yet again a signatory, along with some of this family of organizations after the 2008 serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad and Bangalore, where the signatories “…appealed to the people to maintain peace and communal harmony to defeat the designs of militants.”[26]

Shrikumar Poddar is also the Chairperson/President of Washington Watch, according to the 2013 Non-Profit Information Update filing on Michigan State’s website,[27] and also does business as Educational Subscription Service, Inc. as seen in the 2010 filing.[28] He and his wife Mayurika Poddar incorporated Educational Subscription Service, Inc. in 1967[29] and Mr. Poddar had been the President/Chairman until its dissolution in 1991.[30] But, it is even more shocking that, according to a 2013 filing, Washington Watch is also doing business as Seva International![31] And, Poddar himself incorporated Washington Watch in 1972.[32] Thus, one person has been running several organizations with family and friends under convoluted assumed names for the past 47 years!

The flip-flop of directorships/officer positions is further evident below.

In 2004, KS Sripada Raju was the President of Washington Watch and Poddar’s son Devesh was the Secretary and Shrikumar Poddar himself was only listed as a “Director”, according to Michigan State filings.[33] But, in 2002, Sripada Raju was the President, Treasurer and the Secretary of this organization while Dan Warmels and Devesh Poddar were only Directors.[34] One wonders the objectivity of an organization where one person has essentially the top three roles and the directors of the organizations continue to switch positions to satisfy regulatory filing requirements!

In the 1972 incorporation filing, Washington Watch also states a rather dubious purpose: “An educational and non-profit management company which seeks truth from responsible sources and passes it on to the reader simply and objectively.”[35] This statement is testament to the lies peddled by this family of organizations for supposedly responsible sources such as CAG and the entire nexus and passing it on as research to the naïve general public. The shady purpose of this organization is further highlighted when in 1988, after being incorporated for 16 years, Washington Watch got into the business of selling and leasing furniture and fixtures! In the 1988 filing, this organization adds the following amendment to its purpose: “To acquire furniture, fixtures, equipment and other forms of tangible personal property and to use, lease, sell or otherwise dispose of such property [emphasis added].”[36] Why does an activist organization have a need to get into the business of furniture and fixtures?

Shrikumar Poddar is also one of the founders of another dubious organization – Non-Resident Indians for a Secular and Harmonious India (NRI-SAHI), also based in Michigan.[37] In a 2011 petition to the Press Council of India, Poddar signs on behalf of NRI-SAHI.[38] (NRI-SAHI is discussed here.) But, it is sufficient to say that NRI-SAHI is a baby of Shrikumar Poddar, leaders of Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), leaders of FIACONA and a few other individuals.

Hence, from the analysis above, the following points can be established:

  1. Shrikumar Poddar, Mayurika Poddar, Devesh Poddar and KS Sripada Raju are basically the officers, directors, heads and/or organizers of all of the Hindu-sounding organizations that continue to sign their names on various campaigns initiated by CAG and the nexus of Radical Indian Leftists, Indian Christian Evangelicals and Islamic Advocacy Groups.
  2. This “family” hypes up and legitimizes the “Hindu count” of organizations endorsing these campaigns and those that belong in the CAG, by lying, duplicating and exaggerating their presence. They use organizational names, including ones that don’t exist, interchangeably, depending on the place and the petition.
  3. These organizations and individuals have successfully duped lawmakers, the media and the American and Indian public at large by hiding the interconnections highlighted above.

(c)    The “Family’s” View of Hinduism Vs FOIL’s View of Hinduism

Shrikumar Poddar and KS Sripada Raju are both active with the Bharatiya Temple of East Lansing.[39] Both have given discourses on various Hindu topics, from Yoga and meditation to Upanishads, Vedas, etc. A cursory view of their talks and writings indicates a pattern that one would expect from typical Hindus who have read about and practiced Hinduism. It is important to note that while Poddar and Raju subscribe to the idea of Hinduism in a manner similar to most Hindus, their fellow CAG members do not. In fact, this nexus would consider such views as those of “Brahmanic oppressors” and a “…narrow version of Hinduism practiced by upper-caste Hindus…” (as demonstrated by FOIL’s views here.) The examples cited below contrast the views of Poddar and Raju against those held by their comrades in the CAG.

  1. When this nexus attacked the youth organization Hindu Students Council in 2007 and 2008, FOIL asserted:

[HSC’s] promotion of Sanatana Dharma, with no mention that the deities being worshipped and the form of Hinduism being extolled is a narrow version of Hinduism practiced by upper-caste Hindus who constitute less than a fifth of all Hindus [emphasis added], is one element that should set the alarm bells ringing for anyone who knows something about India and Hinduism, and so mars the otherwise liberal public image that HSC is attempting to project.[40]

Though already discussed under FOIL here, this point is relevant for this section because Shrikumar Poddar, a key member of CAG, himself describes Hinduism as Sanatana Dharma! In an article on the Lansing Temple’s website, Poddar declares that “…Sanatana Dharma refers to the eternal principle that upholds the universe.”[41] CAG’s arch-nemesis (aka the “Sangh Parivar”) also describes Hinduism as Sanatana Dharma.[42]  And, the Lansing Temple, which Poddar and (especially) Raju are associated with, just like all other Hindu temples and organizations, holds the Vedas in the highest regard by saying “Vedas are the ultimate authority of Sanatana Dharma (commonly known as Hinduism).”[43]

  1. Similarly, as a Vaishnava, Poddar shows great reverence for Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and says: “…there is a big difference between us and divine incarnations like [Rama and Krishna]…Divine incarnations are infinitely great…”[44]

However, as discussed under FOIL, its co-founder Vijay Prashad demoted Lord Rama to a mere “iconic figure” and declared that “Ramayana argues for the colonization of the peoples of the subcontinent.” Similarly, in a 2007 article, Prashad attempts to destroy the greatness of the Bhagavad Gita by calling it an “experiment in truth” that was composed long after the Mahabharata with ideas borrowed from Buddhism. The page also highlighted FOIL’s interview with Kancha Illaiah, who had this to say about Hinduism:

Hinduism is a religion of violence. All Hindu gods killed their enemies and became heroic images. This is the only religion in the world where the killer becomes god. Whom did they kill? From Brahma to Krishna [emphasis added], those who were killed were Dalit bahujans.

M.V. Ramana, a member of FOIL and a founding member of the Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia (ASDSA – discussed here), wrote an article, The Bomb of the Blue God, essentially linking India’s nuclear tests at Pokhran to the Bhagavad Gita based on the famous words uttered by Oppenheimer after the test of the first-ever atomic bomb.

Balmurli Natrajan, another long time member of FOIL, denounces Hinduism and Lord Krishna in his 2007 article in SAMAR Magazine thus:

Coming back to Samskara, we see that not surprisingly, humanist teachings in Hinduism arise not from our host of gods and goddesses whose life stories are many times filled with outrageous kinds of deceit, manipulations, selfishness and greed [emphasis added]. Instead, all humanist Hindu teachings are from its human and humane gurus, not gods. And the best gurus teach to serve humanity and to not observe distinctions of caste, creed, and even gender in ways that create and reproduce hierarchies or inequalities. Indeed, when one such God tried to play the role of a guru as seen above in the Gita, the teachings are quite clearly non-humanistic [emphases added].[45]

In essence, Poddar, Raju and the other members of this family of organizations are acting as willing sepoys of CAG who simply and mindlessly ignore such noxious depictions and stances about Hindus and Hinduism.

(d)   Warning by Poddar Jr. to Papa Poddar

In concluding this section, it is important to point out what may be an ominous warning by Devesh Poddar to his father Shrikumar. On July 5th, 2008, Devesh (aka Dev) wrote an email to his father, letting him know which organizations have endorsed the petition asking the US government to continue withholding Mr. Narendra Modi’s visa. In this email, Devesh cautions: “[D]ad, please be careful in your unwavering and unreciprocal (sic) support of imperialist islamo-fascists.”[46]

A screenshot of the email is reproduced below.Devesh Poddar Warning to Shrikumar Poddar

Looks like Poddar Jr. may have indeed learned a thing or two about the nefarious agenda of this powerful nexus by being in the midst of all the action. Indeed, after 2008, Devesh’s name does not appear on any of the organizations discussed on this page. Unfortunately, daddy Poddar failed to do so and continues to do major disservice to his Vaishnava tradition and Sanatana Dharma.


Section 11.02     Dharma Megha and Vedanta Society of East Lansing

Thus far, this page has elaborated the intricate connections between the various Hindu/Indian organizations in the CAG. However, since Dharma Megha and Vedanta Society of East Lansing appear as separate organizations and signatories in the CAG, it is important to analyze them briefly here as well. The analysis shows that they are in fact one and the same organization, whose President is Shrikumar Poddar. Below is a picture of the 2013 Non-Profit Corporation Information Update filed by Shrikumar Poddar with the Michigan State Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.[47]

Dharma Megha (Vedanta Society of East Lansing)  State Filing_2013


In addition, the visual below shows that K.S. Sripada Raju is the Secretary and Vice President of this organization while Shrikumar Poddar was the President and Treasurer![48]

Dharma Megha (Vedanta Society of East Lansing)  State Filing_2004

Finally, Shrikumar Poddar, his wife Mayurika and Sripada Raju incorporated this organization in 1985 and Mr. Poddar has served as its President/Chairman ever since then![49]

According to Michigan State Law for Non-Profit Incorporation, an organization has to have at least three directors. This requirement has been graciously fulfilled by the three above, along with Dan Warmels as the registered agent for Dharma Megha/Vedanta Society of East Lansing. In essence, the organization only consists of these four individuals. An image of Page 2 of the Articles of Incorporation is reproduced below.

Dharma Megha (Vedanta Society of East Lansing)  State Filing_1985 p 2

Section 11.03     Dubious Creations of the Poddar Family and KS Sripada Raju

The chart below summarizes how Shrikumar Poddar, a prominent CAG member, along with his family members (Mayurika and Devesh) and KS Sripada Raju, has created multiple shadowy organizations to project an illusory “Hindu support” within the CAG.  Official Members of the CAG are also highlighted.

Interconnections of Poddar and Hindu Orgs in CAG

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