Indian Muslim Educational Foundation of North America (IMEFNA)

IMEFNA is an organization supposedly geared to helping economically weak Muslims students in India. Apart from developmental work, IMEFNA has the same mission as the other Muslim advocacy groups in the CAG. Indeed, IMEFNA and its members are regular signatories to the various campaigns run by this nexus. The analysis below sheds some light on its leadership, its affiliations as well as the campaigns it has participated in.

Khursheed Mallick is the Founder and President of IMEFNA.[1] He is also the Founder of the American Muslim Physicians of Indian Origin (AMPI).[2] In 2008, IMEFNA and AMPI were signatories to a letter warning President Obama about Sonal Shah, who was selected by the President to be a part of his Transition Board.[3] While the Indian American community was elated with this appointment, IMEFNA, AMPI and the other “Concerned Indian Americans” continued to harp on Ms. Shah’s associations with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America ten years earlier! It didnt’t matter if someone was involved in an organization almost a decade ago. And, it didn’t matter to such organizations that Ms. Shah was appointed by the President for her economic and business credentials! For example, on November 6, 2008, Zee News hailed Shah’s appointment to the Transition Board, clearly mentioning her credentials as an “…an eminent economist who [headed] Google’s philanthropic arm…”[4] Similarly, the news article points out that the she was chosen because she is an individual with “…significant private and public sector experience who will offer [her] expertise in her respective field to Obama’s team.”[5] Further, Sonal Shah was named India Abroad’s “Person of The Year” in 2003. These are only a few attestations of Ms. Shah’s merits. But, this nexus has no use for them thanks to its obsessive hatred towards Hindus and Hindu organizations.

This “Coalition of Concerned Indian Americans” also came down like a ton of bricks on the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation in their hatred, evident from the above 2008 letter to President Obama. But, this nexus only projected selective information to advance it agenda. It did not respect the fact that Ekal Vidyalaya has received several national and international awards and that it has had a board of esteemed luminaries including Abid Hussain, former Indian Ambassador to the US, Hema Malini, the famous Bollywood actress and dancer, and Subhash Chandra, Chairman of Essel Group and Founder of Zee TV.[6]

Another individual associated with IMEFNA is Hyder Khan, the Secretary of IMEFNA.[7] Khan is also a Trustee of the IAMC, according to a 2012 announcement.[8] And, he served as the National Vice President and Spokesperson for IAMC in 2010.[9] Khan is also the Chairman of Supporters of Human Rights in India (SHRI)[10], another member of the CAG, discussed here. Finally, Khan himself is one of the main spokespersons for the CAG, as per a 2008 Press release by the coalition confirming that the US State Department will not give Narendra Modi a visa to the US.[11]

In essence, Khan has an active role and leadership in at least four organizations/groups discussed in this website. This is yet another example of how key CAG members and individuals run or play active roles in multiple organizations in the CAG. Thus, such evidence seriously dents CAG’s claims that it is a coalition of broad-based organizations.


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