Indian Muslim Relief and Charities (IMRC)

IMRC deems itself to be an advocacy and relief organization for India’s Muslim population.[1] It provides opportunities for Muslims in India to improve their social and economic statuses as minorities and exercise their rights. IMRC also follows the signature line of other CAG group to pillory Hindu groups for their so-called “human rights violations” and “savagery”. In addition, it works very closely with the other Muslim organizations that are part of the CAG.

IMRC was co-founded by Manzoor Ghori, who has been the Chairman since its inception in 1981.[2] He is currently the Executive Director of the organization.[3] Ghori signs both as President (page 2) and as CEO (page 8) of IMRC in the 2012 Tax Form 990.[4] Hence, he is a pivotal figure in IMRC.

Ghori has been a regular speaker at several events of IAMC, along with many other “human rights” activists who denounce India and Hindus. Violence in India is routinely given a “Hindu angle” while other religious communities are not subjected to such sharp scrutiny. For example, Ghori was on a panel in the 2003 IAMC Convention whose agenda read as follows:

Religious fanaticism poses a grave and imminent danger to the survival and safety of India and its citizens and will have a drastic effect on world peace. The brutal Gujarat pogrom conducted as ‘an experiment’ was a success in the eyes of the Hindutva ultranationalists, which they plan to repeat all over India.[5]

The Convention Theme was “India after Gujarat: Democracy or Religious Fanaticism,” essentially implying that India as a nation has changed for the worse after the 2002 Gujarat riots. No other riots, terrorist attacks, insurgencies, etc. in Gujarat or anywhere else in India has had a more significant impact on the nation.

Indeed, Mr. Ghori actually spoke on the panel entitled “India After Gujarat”. The convention was discussed at length under IAMC here.

The convention also made an exaggerated claim: “This is the first time that Indians of all religious affiliations and political orientation will have assembled together in the US.”[6] However, the convention’s aim was evident from the roster of speakers and their political affiliations. In addition, no major Hindu organization or community leader was present in any of the panels or sessions, and Hindus/Hinduism were represented by Shrikumar Poddar, who was addressed as “Distinguished Hindu Scholar, Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment.”[7] Poddar and his shell Hindu organizations were discussed here.  There was barely a discussion of the human rights violations against Hindus in India.

Journalist Yatindra Bhatnagar, in writing his summary of the convention pointed to his interaction with Mr. Ghori after the latter’s session, to highlight some of the half-truths that were being presented at the convention:

When [Ghori] said a million Muslims have been killed, I asked Ghori for a clarification as to where, and when, a million Muslims were killed in India? His reply was that the number includes those killed during the Partition of India, and since then. Some clarification! Some consolation![8]

Ghori and others in the CAG use such out of context conclusions and half-baked statements to exaggerate the plight of Muslims in India and feed the ongoing theories that Muslims in India are at a danger of genocide as experienced in Gujarat.

In September 2012, IMRC, invited Asaduddin Owaisi as a keynote speaker for its Annual Luncheon in Washington D.C.  Owaisi, whose anti-India antics and views were discussed under AFMI here, spoke on the July 2012 riots between suspected immigrant Bangladeshi Muslims and the ethnic Bodos in Assam.  Attempting to highlight the “continuous persecution” of Muslims in India, Owaisi declares: “When the state of Bangladesh came into existence in 1971, the Muslims were 3 Crores and the Hindus around 2 Crores. Now, Muslims in Bangladesh is nearly 14 Crores and the Hindus in Bangladesh is 1.5 Crores… How is it that the Hindu population has remained only 1.5 Crores?”  He then goes on to to imply that Hindus have migrated illegally to India and not the Muslims, and deliberately sidelines the persecution and genocide of Hindus as well as other minorities in Bangladesh since 1971.

In the video, he again warns Indians as he did in his August 2012 Parliamentary Speech: “If proper rehabilitation of Muslims is not done, then India should be ready for a third wave of radicalization.”

IMRC - Asaddudin Owaisi Keynote Speech


Besides IMRC, Mr. Ghori was also a key force behind the establishment of AFMI along with Abdul Nakadar and Kaleem Kawaja.[9]

Thus, a core group of such individuals within the CAG continue to peddle hyped up theories of “Muslim victimization”.


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