Supporters of Human Rights in India (SHRI)

SHRI is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based group and a continuing illustration of CAG’s exaggerations. In essence, SHRI is run by a clutch of trustees and members of the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC). Further, though SHRI is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and was incorporated in the state of Minnesota in 2004, it does not have any substantive existence of its own – no website (www.shri-usa.orghas not been operational since around 2008), no major independent events except for signing petitions and issuing Press Releases, and no significant membership. In addition, according to the Minnesota Business & Lean System, SHRI’s status is inactive and the organization was ‘involuntarily dissolved’ on January 26, 2006. Similarly, the organization has not filed a Form 990 with the IRS since 2010.

SHRI Minnesota Filing

According to its old website, found using the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine, SHRI was created “…to promote and protect human rights of all Indian people [emphasis added], to promote respect for pluralistic nature of India.”[1] The organization was registered with the IRS in 2005. However, while it has a catchy Hindu-sounding acronym, SHRI’s focus is on violations of human rights of Muslims, and not Hindus, in India. SHRI has not worked with any major Hindu organization to fight for justice for the 58 Hindus that were burnt alive in the Godhra train in 2002 or for the right of Kashmiri Pandits to have a dignified life in the Kashmir valley and return home safely.

The organization also appears to be a part of IAMC’s and CAG’s strategy to create additional paper alliances to continue assaulting Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

According to IRS records, the organization is registered under Syed Ghazi Akailvi,[2] listed as the Chairman of SHRI in a 2007 CAG Press release[3] and in a 2008 SHRI Press release.[4]

However, Hyder Khan, the national Vice President, Trustee and Spokesperson for IAMC[5] is the primary driving force behind SHRI. He was the Chairman of SHRI[6] when the group was formed. Mr. Khan is also one of the spokespersons for CAG.[7]

SHRI’s purpose is further exemplified by the following information:

On March 21, 2005, Shabnam Hashmi of ANHAD and a whole coterie of individuals associated with the CAG and other ideologically aligned organizations and groups, reprimanded the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for standing up against the United States government’s decision to deny Narendra Modi a visa.[8] It didn’t matter to these individuals and organizations that Mr. Singh, a member of the Congress Party of India, was defending the electoral process and the Constitution of India along with the country’s right to run its internal affairs by denouncing the US government’s decision to disrespect a democratically elected Indian official. These individuals and organizations only cared for their ideological agenda – ensuring Mr. Modi’s fall in any manner possible. Hyder Khan, Chairman of SHRI, was one of the signatories (No. 108) to this letter.

In conclusion, SHRI is nothing more than a shell organization whose main purpose is to bolster claims and activities of the CAG and call for the dismissal of Mr. Modi. It is run by a ranking member of the IAMC whose sole focus is alleged human rights violations of Muslims, especially those related to 2002 Godhra riots in Gujarat, even though its name implies a falsely broader mission.


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