The “Hindus” of the Nexus

The chart below illustrates how a few individuals have created paper-based, fake and questionable organizations to provide an illusory “Hindu” support and endorsement to this nexus.  In essence, these individuals deceive the regulators, the media and the general public into believing that there is credible support for the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) from the Hindu community. These organizations are mainly paper-based creations set up with the sole purpose of bolstering the agenda of CAG and its members. Shrikumar Poddar, a prominent member of the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), along with his family members (Mayurika Poddar and Devkumar Poddar), as well as colleagues such as KS Sripada Raju, have created and maintain an entire network of organizations that sign various petitions, appeals and campaigns run by CAG and similar subsets of the nexus.

  • For example, Shrikumar Poddar incorporated the Vaishnava Center for Enlightenment in 1990, along with KS Sripada Raju and Teddy Simmons. Poddar has been the President since 1990. In 2000, Mayurika Poddar served as Vice President of the Center; and, in 2004, KS Sripada Raju became Secretary and Teddy Simmons became the Vice President. Besides these individuals, there are no other prominent officers or significant members, no major activities (except constituency in CAG), no website, etc. What’s more, the organization also does business as “International Service Society” as its tax records show, but Mr. and Mrs. Poddar sign CAG and similar petitions as if the two organizations are separate. Mr. Poddar sometimes signs as a representative of Vaishnava Center while Mrs. Poddar sometimes signs as a representative of International Service Society, and vice versa[1].  This is further illustrated here.
  • Dharma Megha and Vedanta Society of East Lansing are listed as two separate organizations in the CAG. However, as shown here and as per tax records, both are one and the same. Both are also incorporated by Shrikumar Poddar and KS Sripada Raju.


Interconnections of Poddar and Hindu Orgs in CAG



[1] As an example, on October 26, 2007, the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC, formerly known as Indian Muslim Council – USA, a founding member of CAG), issued the following Press release titled: “Outraged Indian Americans Demand the Dismissal of Gujarat State Government in India.” Shrikumar Poddar endorsed the Press release as Director of International Service Society while Mayurika Poddar endorsed the release as Director of Vaishnava Center. The release can be found at:  Accessed December 30, 2013