Running Each Other

The diagram below illustrates another disturbing trend relating to the constituents of the Coalition Against Genocide (CAG) – not only do they form coalitions within coalitions but they also help run each other’s organizations.  For example, South Asian Progressive Action Collective (SAPAC) is on the board of the Coalition for a Secular and Democratic India (CSDI). Similarly, SAPAC Core Member Sapna Gupta is listed as the National Coordinator for NRI-SAHI. SAPAC is also a constituent member of the NRI-SAHI.[1] Similarly, CSDI, SAPAC and SAGAR (South Asians Gathered for Action and Reflection) helped run NRI-SAHI while its co-founder Shrikumar Poddar was in India and Pakistan for six months.[2]


[1] On October 14, 2003, Aparna Sharma of SAPAC noted the following as part of the Meeting Minutes: “SAPAC is a member of the NRI-SAHI coalition…A weekend meeting in mid-September was convened by ‘Non Resident Indians Secular and Harmonious India’ (NRI-SAHI) in Chicago. This was a national meeting with organizational representatives and individuals from all over the country…Sapna and Shashi attended as SAPAC representatives.”  The meeting minutes are available at  Accessed November 27, 2013

[2] Ibid.  In the same minutes, Sharma also noted the following: “One of the main issues was how to keep NRI-SAHI running while its founder is in India/Pakistan for the next six months. A steering committee was created that included (among others) Sapna/Shashi (SAPAC); Dr. Lamba (SAGAR); Imtiaz Uddin (CSDI)”.