About The Author

I am a young American Hindu whose immigrant parents instilled a sense of pride in our spiritual and cultural heritage.  Growing, I was disturbed to experience prejudice against Hindus in various walks of life – from high school and college textbooks, to perceptions about Hinduism and India in the local community and media, to policies made by regulators and elected officials in matters related to Hindus and India, etc.  I realized that this shapes world views about Hinduism as a strange, “exotic-erotic” religion with bizarre practices, gods and people.  In the same vein, India is deemed as a cesspool of social problems based on a religiously sanctioned “caste system” and a fascist regime bent on exterminating its minorities.  India’s rich history, culture and religious plurality is deeply discounted and all problems of Indian society are squarely blamed on Hinduism.

I was inspired by a 2011 Book, Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dalit and Dravidian Faultlines, written by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelalkandan and started my first site called “The Forum of Intentional Liars“, in 2011.  The site discussed the handiwork of Radical Indian Leftists, aggressive Christian Evangelicals and certain Islamic Advocacy groups.  Since then, I have grown and learned a great deal of how these organizations, groups and individuals operate as well as their ideological leanings. Under the rubric of “secularism”, “human rights” and “South Asian activism”, etc. they routinely demonize India and Hinduism.

Unfortunately, these individuals, groups and organizations have made professional careers out of blatantly inaccurate, highly out of context and racially charged books, articles and activities.  To accomplish their goals, they deploy a sophisticated “smokescreen” strategy that deceives the media, regulators and the general public.

Most Hindus like me are unaware of their machinations, until we face prejudiced and racial views in high schools and colleges as well as in the media.  Fellow Hindu and Indian youth are often shocked and even believe the views and arguments put forth by such professors, academics and activists due to inertia on their part or a lack of deeper understanding of Hindu scriptures and Indian history.

Hindu youth like us do not consider all Muslims as terrorists or fundamentalists.  In fact, many of us have close Muslim, Jewish and Christian friends.  We also do not support discrimination against any section of our society based on rigid and hierarchical structures and corruption of our religious texts.   We do, however, believe everyone has a fundamental right to practice his or her religion or spiritual path without being subject to ridicule and bigotry.

This project and report has not received any funds or support from any organization or group. In fact, I have decided to set aside a small sum of my personal income to fund this project, for I consider this service as part of my dharma (losely translated as righteous duty).

I welcome anyone and everyone who is interested in collaborating on this endeavor.

In the service of Shri Krishna,
Abhimanyu Arjun